Experience Samurai in Japan! Samurai Battle in TOKYO!!


After a great war in Osaka, we are having the next IKUSA Samurai Battle at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo on June 6th, 2015.

The title of this battle is ”Wow Woah War! Be a Samurai!!” The battle is going to be the most peaceful battle in the world. Let us mix and mingle between different nationalities.

The language we use in this Samurai Battle will be English, nobody should be worrying about their Japanese. This battle will be such a wonderful experience for you to learn Japanese culture as well as “Bushido.”



チャンバラ合戦-戦 IKUSA-公式サイトはこちら

By joining this battle, you may:

1. Have multicultural communication. You can also make friends, not just Japanese, but many other nationalities.

2. Learn and experience Japanese culture.

3. Possible get boyfriends and girlfriends…♡?

Let’s enjoy the battle together!




Rules of IKUSA Samurai battle game

1.Hold a Japanese sword (made of sponge) on your right hand, and put your “life” on your left arm.

2. Smash the other samurai’s life!

3. You lose when your life is gone. 4. When you lose, get out from the field and wait for the next battle to begin.

Can you be the last person to be standing on the field?

Samurai Battle rule


Let’s Battle! There are three different battles.

There are different types of battles.

Battle 1: Team Battle All the samurais will be split into two teams. They will fight against each other. The key to winning this battle is team work and tactics.

Battle 2: Defend the King The samurais are split into two teams. Each team will decide a king in their team. The main goal is to kill the other team’s king. Be sure to defend your king as well as attack to win the game.

Battle 3: Survival Everybody is your enemy. You are the only person who can defend yourself. Check 360 degrees for any enemies.


play fun


How to join the Samurai Battle

You must have a Samurai Soul!

The motive of this samurai battle is to have international relation as well as all the people enjoy the Samurai battle.

If you want to meet someone new, learn the history, or acquire the culture, just come and join the Samurai battle. You can only enjoy this battle in JAPAN.

You have to experience, not just watch.

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Date/Time: 6/6/2015 2:00PM

Requirement: To have a samurai soul (Everybody should have one)

Place: Yoyogi Park  (Near the HARAJUKU GATE) in Tokyoyoyogimap




Fee: Adult = 1,500yen Child (Junior High or below)= 1,000yen (The fee includes all the equipments used in the battle)

Bring the picture or ads below and come with a friend to get 500 yen discount!!! *Only applies to non-Japanese.

500 yen discount Ticket

チャンバラ合戦-戦 IKUSA-公式サイトはこちらチャンバラ合戦-戦IKUSA-のお問い合わせはこちらチャンバラ合戦-戦IKUSA-の資料ダウンロードはこちら